Items Allowed

• Cameras
• Flash Photography
• Video Cameras
• Binoculars
• Seat cushions
• Sunscreen
• Blankets
• Lawn Chairs
• Umbrellas

Prohibited Items
• Infant strollers are discouraged
• Hard side coolers
• Ice Chests
• Glass containers
• Metal Containers
• Alcoholic Beverages
• Liquids in broken sealed containers
• Laser Pointers
• Mace or Pepper Spray
• Controlled Substances
• Needles or syringes
  --Items required for personal medical needs 
  may be checked at the gate--
• Fireworks
• Weapons: guns, knives, chains, razors
• Pets --Service Animals excepted--
• Balls, Frisbees, Kites, Balloons
• Grills
• Tents

Other items that in the opinion of gate security could cause harm or public nuisance. Prohibited items will be held at the gate and returned to the guest at the conclusion of the event.