Friday: Albuquerque Blues Connection

“Ain’t Nothin’ But the Blues!” – That’s the farewell tag on “Mexican Jerry” Muniz’s voice mail. Mexican Jerry is the bearded and tattooed leader and singer/harp player for the Albuquerque Blues Connection – “The ABC” – one of New Mexico’s longest running blues outfits.

A fierce disciple of John Lee Hooker, Jerry’s band boogies hard and has been packing dance floors and festival lawns for almost three decades. With Dave Silva, his guitar and slide playing compadre of 25 years at his side, Jerry calls the crowd out – “Get Up! Levantase! Time to Boogie!” – and they respond with a roar.

For Mexican Jerry, a song is a framework to be filled in anew every night, never sung the same way twice. But it’s always the Blues. Nuthin’ but the Blues.

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